Dating Myths For Men

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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So why are dating myths so bad anyway? Why is it worth reading this if they are just myths?

Because if you happen to unknowingly buy into these dating myths you could find yourself dateless and alone, and lets face it sucks to be rejected any time of the day.

Especially if your rejected by a sexy busty blond in front of everyone. So wise up on these dating myths and join the dating game in the know. You might just find yourself ahead of the game!

You might find yourself rejecting the inherent strength of being a man or rejecting some of these myths but try to open up and accept them for what they are – B.S.

Create the sex life you always wanted with the truth –

You Have To Be Rich Attractive Or Athletic To Get Women

This is a load of crap which you have bought into either from the media or somewhere you’ve read.

It’ natural to assume that this is the case but you can be ugly poor and fat and STILL be attracting women. Because you can use parts of female attraction to your advantage that are NOT related to these attributes. Granted… being rich athletic and handsome will help you but they are NOT mandatory for success with women.

If you’re going to site their and be the fat ugly guy you better be funny or great at flirting! Have you ever heard that many models find it hard to get dates?

It’s not because they have unrealistic standards either, men are scared to approach them, intimidated by their beauty so instead they go for the majority of normal looking women. Every guy is trying to seduce that normal looking or even slightly unattractive looking women.

Have the balls and believe you are good enough to attract ANY women no matter how attractive she is. Remember women have insecurities to especially the very attractive ones. ( you are not the only one scared)

Just Be Nice To Women

I wrote a post recently titles nice guys finish last. This pretty much sums up this dating myth. By only treating your women with the upmost respect and being “nice” you end up coming across like a stupid wimp. I think the sweat spot here is somewhere in the middle.

Women do want a sensitive guy but you cant afford to be nice ALL the time. Show your dominance
Know what a SNAG is? = sensitive new age guy

Women and gays are doing their best to get men in touch with their emotional/feminine side (which is not a bad thing) but it can easily go waay to far. The problem is with gender homogeneity is exactly that!

When men become so much like women you start to question who’s who. Forgive me if I’m sounding like a homophobe but there is real value in men being men and women being women.

This difference in genders plays a large part in the attraction. Be emotional and dress feminine, but just realise that occasionally you are going to need to put on the masculine cowboy hat/ night in shining armour and save your “damsel in distress”.

As genders continually collide (Justine Beiber) we will see a backlash against feminine looking men. What women really want is the best combination of romance and security.

There’s Only So Many Women Available

What bullshit this myth is. Promoted by whiners and negative thinkers this myth suggests that if you’re a certain age you wont be able to find love again. There are SOO many available hot single girls out there and it’s easier than every before to not only find them but sweep them off their feet. Change your mindset and start looking at the possibilities of dating who you dream about. It will involve actually getting out their and making it happen!

Find Women Is Difficult

Sorry What? I though you said that finding single women is difficult… surely not!

If you believe this your as mislead as everyone else! OPEN YOUR EYES. There are women fucking everywhere! And MOST of them are single. Simply go to a bar and the single girls are using all the classic signs of being single and open. If you’re a wimp like most dudes then there is an even easier solution.


Fuck me

Really guys is this myth is still floating around?

You might be a 45 year old women and past your prime but you still have no excuse for not dating who you want when you want.

Women Know What They Want

Quite the opposite – men know what they want and women are as confused as they have ever been!

Women will say shit like – ohhh justin beiber is soo cute I would go out with that 8 year old boy any day and then date the local skin head biker. Women cannot tell you what they want because they think in terms of emotion which is an inherently sketchy way of doing business.

Men think talk and fuck in terms of goals. If they do something , most of the time they will have thought it out before hand.

Women love to be worked for and love the game just as much as guys. They don’t want you to know how to get them. Every tried begging a girl to go out with you? It’s your independent nature that turns them on and not your dependency on being told what to do or how to act.