Dating Rules to Successful Relationship

Geplaatst op 28-03-2024

Categorie: Lifestyle

Who said that dating is easy? Not at all. The first dates aren’t easy because of the awkwardness both partners feel, the second dates are such because they are quite expectant, and the following dates, during which 2 individuals really start getting to know and understand each other, only present a vast number of chances for blunders, missteps and mistakes. Even before the real dates there are million opportunities for troubles to get into while planning, arranging and getting ready for dates.

We commit lots of dating crimes on a daily basis, usually without realizing it – talk too much or too little, show up with awful blue roses, we’re always around or never available, we don’t dress up quite appropriate for fancy restaurants, we tell bad jokes, smile too sweet or too scary, answer every call on the cell phone during romantic dinner… Don’t worry, such bad behavior on the date is common, and you have a chance to improve it with sense advice.


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Consider the dating as a game, and you will easily accept the rules you need to know and follow, like in any other game. Of course, none of these rules are inviolable, as there are exceptions to every rule, including ours. We’ll try just to equip you with (let’s call it so) a playbook for the exciting and intense sport game of looking for your future love.

What SHOULD you do on the date?

  1. Make sure your surrounding consists of positive people with the same routine as you have. You may share with them you success, compare notes, celebrate and commiserate. Hang out with like-minded friends, supporting you in your search and wishing you to succeed at love.
  2. Find people to date yourself. The person you’re looking for your entire life is not supposed to come out of the blue, make a first step and invite you to dinner. If you want to date, you need to be active, so do that and date as many individuals as you can.
  3. Plan in advance. Dating is a creative pastime, requiring much energy, so try to arrange everything in advance and tell your partner if you have something else for the evening.
  4. Look your best and come in time. It’s not the best beginning – to show up messy and late, which will only leave an impression that you don’t care. If you really don’t, why did you decide to meet this person in the first place?
  5. Compliment your partner on their appearance. You put much effort into preparing for this date, and he or she did the same. It’s always pleasant to hear that this effort paid off.
  6. Enjoy yourself and your date. And your partner, if you can. Finding the soul mate is not a trifle, it even may seem a scary attempt for you, but remember that the date is initially supposed to be fun.
  7. Try to be attentive and interesting. Go ahead, ask questions, share your opinions and be interested when your partner is telling about what they are fond of.
  8. Keep being positive even if your date doesn’t end well. You can’t expect an instant success – even in fairytales they had to date a frog before finding a prince. On the way, you can meet some nice people and get some new friends.
  9. Be honest and tell your partner clearly if you don’t want to see them again. It is only wrongful and selfish to lie and string your date along just because you are scared to tell the truth about your feelings. If you decided that it’s not what you wanted, let your partner down as gently as possible, but still sound firmly.
  10. Decide for yourself and only meet people you like, not asking the opinion of your friends. They can’t prove your life for you.