On a city trip in Portugal

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On a city trip in Portugal

There are many reasons to go on holiday in Portugal, such as the beautiful beaches. Portugal has a coastline of more than 800 kilometers with numerous beaches, ranging from small coves to extensive sandy beaches. The Algarve is known for its beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Portugal also has a rich history and culture, with numerous historical sights such as the Tower of Belém and the Monastery of Jerónimos in Lisbon, the medieval city walls of Évora and the castle of Guimarães. Or how about the sights of Porto Portugal? In addition, Portugal is known for its delicious dishes, such as grilled fish and seafood, pastel de nata (a sweet pastry) and the famous port wine.
Add to this the friendliness and hospitality of the Portuguese, which makes it a very pleasant destination to visit. And an additional advantage: Portugal is generally a very affordable destination compared to other popular holiday destinations in Europe.

Visit Porto or Lisbon?

Both Porto and Lisbon are beautiful cities with their own unique character. If you are interested in history and culture, Lisbon is probably the better choice. Lisbon has many historical sites, such as the Castle of São Jorge, the Tower of Belém and the Monastery of Jerónimos. There are also numerous museums, including the Museu Nacional do Azulejo and the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. If you're more interested in food and drink, Porto might be the better choice. Porto is known for its port wine and there are numerous port cellars you can visit for tastings. There are also many excellent restaurants in Porto where you can enjoy traditional dishes. Both cities also have beautiful architecture, cozy squares and streets to explore, and a vibrant nightlife.

Surprising activities in Porto

In Porto, visit the Livraria Lello. This is one of the most iconic bookstores in the world and is known for its beautiful Gothic Revival architecture and red staircase. It was also the inspiration for the library in the Harry Potter movies. Wat te doen in Porto? Instead of a boat trip you can also go kayaking on the Douro, a nice day trip from Porto. This is a great way to see the city from the water. There are several companies offering kayaking trips along the Douro River, and some even include a visit to the famous Port wine cellars. Also take a walk through the Jardim do Morro. This park in Porto offers a beautiful view of the city and the Douro River. It's a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Take a bike ride through the city: This is a fun way to explore the city and discover some of the lesser-known sights. There are several companies offering bike tours that go along the river, through the old town and to some of Porto's parks.