Discover the Robust Phoenix Products at

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Discover the Robust Phoenix Products at

2866763: Sturdy Heavy Duty Connectors

Phoenix's Heavy Duty Connectors are engineered to endure the toughest environmental conditions. The 2866763 model boasts a durable metal housing that resists corrosion, crimp contacts, and a 1000V rated voltage. These connectors are the go-to solution for industrial and outdoor applications that require reliable and robust connectivity, such as power generation, transportation, and automation.

You can purchase the 2866763 Heavy Duty Connectors and other Phoenix products at

2866776 and 2938581: Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks are your trusted choice for connecting wires and cables in industrial automation and control systems. The 2866776 model is a DIN rail mount terminal block that uses a screw connection and has a 500V rated voltage. The 2938581 model, on the other hand, is a pluggable terminal block with a push-in connection and a rated voltage of 800V. These terminal blocks provide reliable and secure connections that are easy to install.

Find the 2866776 and 2938581 Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks and other Phoenix products at

5tx Ethernet Switches

Phoenix's 5tx Ethernet Switches are compact, yet rugged switches designed for use in industrial settings. With five Ethernet ports, these switches can create a dependable and secure Ethernet network even in harsh environments. They are easy to configure and support a broad range of industrial protocols.

Visit to shop for the 5tx Ethernet Switches and other Phoenix products.

PLC BSC 24DC/21: Phoenix Contact Safety Relay

The PLC BSC 24DC/21 Safety Relay from Phoenix Contact is specifically designed to provide safe and dependable control of machinery and equipment. This safety relay features two safety contacts and four semiconductor outputs, making it suitable for use in applications up to Category 4 according to EN 954-1. It also has a diagnostic LED display and can be quickly integrated into a control system.

Discover the PLC BSC 24DC/21 Safety Relay and other Phoenix products at

QUINT PS 3AC 24DC/40: Phoenix Contact Power Supply

The QUINT PS 3AC 24DC/40 Power Supply from Phoenix Contact is the ultimate power solution for industrial control systems. With a three-phase input and a maximum output current of 40A, this power supply is efficient and reliable. It also features advanced diagnostic capabilities and is easy to integrate into a control system.

You can find the QUINT PS 3AC 24DC/40 Power Supply and other Phoenix products at


Phoenix provides a wide range of industrial automation and control system products, including Heavy Duty Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Ethernet Switches, Safety Relays, and Power Supplies. These products are all designed to be robust and dependable, capable of withstanding tough environmental conditions. You can purchase these products and more at